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The TVI H300 application for Android and iOS mobile devices enables real-time video and audio streaming on standard mobile handsets. The application utilises the integral cameras, touch screens and connectivity of the devices, making a handset a powerful and portable surveillance tool. The application features AES 256 bit encryption, audio capture and network profile detection to optimise streaming across available networks. The bandwidth, frame rate, video dimensions and audio settings can all be configured remotely or locally on the device.

The TVI Viewer application for mobile devices provides viewing of TVI encoders on Android and iOS mobile devices. It offers full PTZ remote camera control, as well as high-resolution enhancement of a frame or area of interest – all with a few swipes of the finger. With TVI, real-time content can be viewed by multiple operators simultaneously, even on the move.

Since TVI mobile applications make use of commercial cellular infrastructure, the cost and complexity of deploying dedicated radio infrastructure is avoided - and the use of standard handsets allows both streaming and viewing applications to be installed on existing devices.


Key Features

  • Secure live video and audio transmission in locations with very low bandwidth (supports 9Kbps to 1Mbps) using the device's built-in modem or WiFi
  • The TVI codec has been optimized for the CPUs available in almost all modern mobile devices
  • Audio can be captured from the handset’s microphone and integrated into the video stream
  • Inbuilt end-to-end security (AES 256 encryption) and strict control of access rights
  • Use of handsets in-built GPS functionality for locating devices
  • Automatic network profile detection, including HSPA+, CDMA, LTE (the App will detect the mobile technology in use and optimize encoding and streaming parameters)
  • Configurable bandwidth use and video quality (frame rate and dimensions), this can be carried out remotely or locally
  • Viewers receive battery alarm to warn users when the device has a low battery
  • Support for front and rear cameras, remotely or locally switchable




Key Specifications

H300 Encoder App for Android  
Android Version Android 2.1 and above
(Android 2.3 for accessing multiple cameras)
Cameras: Front, rear (remote/local switching)
Security: AES 256 encryption
Configuration: Bandwidth, frame rate, frame size,
audio (remote/local configuration)
H300 Encoder App for iOS  
iOS Version 5.0 and above
Devices: iPhone 3GS or above, iPad 2 or above, iPad mini or above
Cameras: Front, rear (remote/local switching)
Configuration: Bandwidth, frame rate, frame size,
audio (remote/local configuration)




TVI codecs are deployed by organisations in the law enforcement, military and transportation domains, as well as by those responsible for securing public spaces. Making use of a handset's small form factor and features TVI software is ideal for a range of static and dynamic operating scenarios:

- Covert surveillance operations (video and/or audio)
- Body-worn surveillance
- Rapid deployment tactical surveillance



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